Moon Hunter

Reborn hero of her lineage and mighty-thewed barbarian lady


Moon Hunter, reborn hero of her lineage and gigantic mighty-thewed barbarian lady
Were-Creature genetic Berzerker-Brain
Mighty Four-Headed Axe of the Moon Hunter (splits into two double-headed axes)
Defender of the Land, Shunned by the People
Alishia Grey-Moon is helping me relax

+4 Physique
+3 Fight Athletics
+2 Will Provoke Stealth
+1 Shoot Notice Decieve Burglary

Dazing Counter (Athletics)
Heavy Hitter (Fight)
Take the Blow (Physique; defend with Physique)
Tough as Nails (Physique; Spend a FP to reduce a Moderate Consequence to a Mild or Eliminate a Mild, Once per Session)

Refresh: 2

Physical Stress boxes: 1+2+3+4
Mental Stress boxes: 1+2+3


Moon Hunter

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