Alishia Grey-Moon

Elven Sorceress of Crescenty City


Elven Sorcerer of Crescent City
Helping the Sick & Needy (known as nice; always getting asked to help)
Lightning is Life!
My Mentor taught me a trick for this…
Moon Hunter will save me… or get us into trouble… or both

+4 Will
+3 Lore Rapport
+2 Contacts Shoot Empathy
+1 Fight Resources Notice Investigate

Sorcery (can use Will to do magic)
Lightning is my Favorite (use Shoot without a weapon at +2)
Medicine (use Lore at +2 to fix consequences)
Psychologist (once per session can reduce a mental consequence)

Refresh: 2

Physical stress boxes 1+2
Mental stress boxes 1+2+3+4


Alishia Grey-Moon

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